Monday, April 21, 2008

eBay Update

So I got all three shoes I won, and sadly, the '50s vintage ones do not fit. Well, I can get the black ones on, but then my circulation gets cut off about three minutes later. The cream/yellow ones are totally a no-go, which is a shame because they are totally adorable in real life. I didn't think my feet were that wide, but I guess women had very narrow feet back then. Either that or it just so happened that ones I got were tres narrow. I'll probably put them back on eBay, but if any of you have got long, narrow feet and fancy the black "deco" or the cream/yellow shoes, let me know, and we can discuss.

In hat news, there was an all out last minute bidding war over this one slanted burgundy fedora with feather trim. However, I won. I also won a cute, floppy navy blue hat with grommets, and that arrived today. I'm not so sure about how it looks on me, though. Perhaps I'll post a picture of me in both hats when I get the burgundy one, too.

I never thought of myself as competitive, but oh my, eBay brings out the mean, cursing-like-a-sailor competitor in me. This means more care will be needed in what I choose to bid on because a) I don't really need more stress in my life, and b) those last minute bidders are sneaky. And that drives prices up, which then almost defeats the purpose of eBay. Ah, such a catch-22.

Stay tuned and watch this space!


Anonymous said...

Yes, post pictures of the hats or yourself in the hats please, the world needs more hats!

Hammie said...

you gotta start bidding tactically too. Set an alarm to watch the last minutes and bid the maximum you want to pay. If you lose they get the item at an inflated price; If you win, you got your pretties.