Monday, April 21, 2008

eBay Update

So I got all three shoes I won, and sadly, the '50s vintage ones do not fit. Well, I can get the black ones on, but then my circulation gets cut off about three minutes later. The cream/yellow ones are totally a no-go, which is a shame because they are totally adorable in real life. I didn't think my feet were that wide, but I guess women had very narrow feet back then. Either that or it just so happened that ones I got were tres narrow. I'll probably put them back on eBay, but if any of you have got long, narrow feet and fancy the black "deco" or the cream/yellow shoes, let me know, and we can discuss.

In hat news, there was an all out last minute bidding war over this one slanted burgundy fedora with feather trim. However, I won. I also won a cute, floppy navy blue hat with grommets, and that arrived today. I'm not so sure about how it looks on me, though. Perhaps I'll post a picture of me in both hats when I get the burgundy one, too.

I never thought of myself as competitive, but oh my, eBay brings out the mean, cursing-like-a-sailor competitor in me. This means more care will be needed in what I choose to bid on because a) I don't really need more stress in my life, and b) those last minute bidders are sneaky. And that drives prices up, which then almost defeats the purpose of eBay. Ah, such a catch-22.

Stay tuned and watch this space!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I hate you, eBay! No wait, I LOVE you!

So, as mentioned in my last post, I started digging around eBay for vintage stuff. Sadly, I lost out on my first bid at the very last minute by one retarded dollar. I was devastated because I really, really, really wanted those shoes. They were way too hawt. Check it:

That's why I thought I hated eBay. I was at a family event when I checked the status of my bid through my crackberry, and needless to say, when I found out I lost, I was not happy. I was surly, even. But then *cue angel choir* I won these babies:

I was pretty pleased with that because a) they were relatively cheap, and b) I was totally digging the green. Green is one of my absolute favourite colours, and though I own maybe three pairs of green heels already, one more pair can't hurt. Unless my mom flips out, but she loves shoes, too, and I got the shoe gene from her. So it's not my fault. Really! Anyhow I thought that was victorious shopping, and then it turns out I scored again. Jebers. I ended up winning these:

My sister thought they weren't really my style, but I thought they were also way too cute to pass up. In addition, they were unworn, new vintage. Score! You don't see too many people out there wearing yellow shoes, which is exactly why I got them. I like to go against the grain a bit...perhaps what you call off-kilter. Actually what ends up happening is that I start wearing stuff that becomes trendy a year later. But back to the shoes because the yellow ones aren't the end. I made an offer to the seller of the very first pair of shoes I bid on, which were these:

Granted, next to the new shoes, these look all scuffy, but I loved the deco design on the side and the totally wearable heel height. I have a tendency for picking out really high heels that have me limping around the office even though I only really make runs to the break room or bathroom. Not like I walk miles and miles everyday. So yeah, because I was bitter about losing out on that first pair of shoes, I made an offer to the seller, and she accepted. Hurray!

Oh, but that's not it, my friends. Not at all. My mom, sister, and I went on a frantic round of Nordstrom Rack before sister had to head back to San Diego. I knew full well i should not be looking in the shoe department, but I did anyway. And I'm glad I did because I found a pair of shoes I'd had my eye on for-ev-er:
And they were way cheaper than their original price of $140. Woo! Oh so of the happy =]

Now my ADD has taken me on to hats, but I actually have a real need for them. The sun ends up being on my left side on my drive to and from work. My little Z4's sun visor doesn't swing to the side, so that leaves my left side exposed to the scorching Southern California sun. Definitely some really good sunscreen (any suggestions?) and hats. Sunglasses are a given -- my eyes are almost a bit too sensitive to bright light, especially after the LASIK. I'll keep you posted on the hat victories and losses as well. Wish me luck!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bygone Eras

Lately, I've been very into vintage shopping, and by "vintage," I mean stuff from the '20s-'50s. I've always liked things from those time periods, but I never really looked into purchasing anything until a couple of weeks ago. Now, some people have a funny view of vintage, likening it to "crap." But really, it is entirely possible to find things that are either in great condition or completely unworn. I love the hats, even the ostentatious ones, but I'd feel slightly self conscious wearing them now. Even though I always get compliments when I wear my slanted fedora from H&M, it seems to be the land of baseball caps and beanies now. Boo. I don't think the clothes that are available for sale would fit me because women were much smaller and more fit, but I did score a couple of absolutely beautiful patterns. And the shoes...oh my. They were amazing back then, but good lord people had small feet! I did, however, find some great shoes here and there on eBay (also a newfound fascination), which I am bidding on. No, I am not telling you which ones. I want to WIN. Dangit.

Oh, me and my profound weakness for great shoes....

Why vintage though? There was something just innately elegant and classy about clothes and dressing back then. People cared about their appearance, and sweats weren't even invented. I don't know about you, but I cannot operate in bum mode for too long. I wore flip flops to work for two days in a row this week along with jeans and corduroys, but by the end of the second day, I was not comfortable. Imagine that. Not comfortable in bummy clothes.

Whereas most people will wax poetic about something ugly (*ahem* Crocs *cough*) that is soooOOooo comfortable, I'd rather feel good in what I'm wearing even if it's not yoga-pant-comfy. Generally, I feel better about how I look when I'm a bit more dressed up, and that doesn't take much more effort than putting on jeans and a t-shirt. Hell, given a big ol' budget and a great body, I'd dress like this all the time.

God bless Spanx, vintage, and style in the meantime.

I've also developed a mesmerising interest in the vast world of fashion blogs. Perhaps that's my true calling -- fashion blogging. However, then the dilemma of "what will I really contribute to the fashionista blogosphere?" ensues, so maybe I'll have a think about that. There are links to some of my current favourite blogs on the right hand side, and I'm sure I'll be adding to them.

Parting thought -- Thomas Jefferson had the concept of fabulosity down way back in the day:

"Some ladies think they may, under the privileges of the deshabille, be loose and negligent of their dress in the morning. But be you, from the moment you rise till you go to bed, as cleanly and properly dressed as at at the hours of dinner or tea."