Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I hate you, eBay! No wait, I LOVE you!

So, as mentioned in my last post, I started digging around eBay for vintage stuff. Sadly, I lost out on my first bid at the very last minute by one retarded dollar. I was devastated because I really, really, really wanted those shoes. They were way too hawt. Check it:

That's why I thought I hated eBay. I was at a family event when I checked the status of my bid through my crackberry, and needless to say, when I found out I lost, I was not happy. I was surly, even. But then *cue angel choir* I won these babies:

I was pretty pleased with that because a) they were relatively cheap, and b) I was totally digging the green. Green is one of my absolute favourite colours, and though I own maybe three pairs of green heels already, one more pair can't hurt. Unless my mom flips out, but she loves shoes, too, and I got the shoe gene from her. So it's not my fault. Really! Anyhow I thought that was victorious shopping, and then it turns out I scored again. Jebers. I ended up winning these:

My sister thought they weren't really my style, but I thought they were also way too cute to pass up. In addition, they were unworn, new vintage. Score! You don't see too many people out there wearing yellow shoes, which is exactly why I got them. I like to go against the grain a bit...perhaps what you call off-kilter. Actually what ends up happening is that I start wearing stuff that becomes trendy a year later. But back to the shoes because the yellow ones aren't the end. I made an offer to the seller of the very first pair of shoes I bid on, which were these:

Granted, next to the new shoes, these look all scuffy, but I loved the deco design on the side and the totally wearable heel height. I have a tendency for picking out really high heels that have me limping around the office even though I only really make runs to the break room or bathroom. Not like I walk miles and miles everyday. So yeah, because I was bitter about losing out on that first pair of shoes, I made an offer to the seller, and she accepted. Hurray!

Oh, but that's not it, my friends. Not at all. My mom, sister, and I went on a frantic round of Nordstrom Rack before sister had to head back to San Diego. I knew full well i should not be looking in the shoe department, but I did anyway. And I'm glad I did because I found a pair of shoes I'd had my eye on for-ev-er:
And they were way cheaper than their original price of $140. Woo! Oh so of the happy =]

Now my ADD has taken me on to hats, but I actually have a real need for them. The sun ends up being on my left side on my drive to and from work. My little Z4's sun visor doesn't swing to the side, so that leaves my left side exposed to the scorching Southern California sun. Definitely some really good sunscreen (any suggestions?) and hats. Sunglasses are a given -- my eyes are almost a bit too sensitive to bright light, especially after the LASIK. I'll keep you posted on the hat victories and losses as well. Wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

Oh the shoes, I was gasping at the screen at those green ones - they are adorable and much better than the ones you didn't get.
I loved the yellow ones, you could easily make them work but the last pair of black shoes - I just got really really jealous. You had a good shoe day, a girl can't ask for much more than that can she?

simply.steph said...

congrats on the wins. oh man i hate how people totally beat me because of my uber slow internet! Oh the injustice sometimes...

Miss A said...

I love the top pair- they're gorgeous!

karla said...

i love the last pair! ahhh!

Super Kawaii Mama said...

I will search high and low until I find a pair as lovely as those green ones. Divine! You must get yourself onto Bidnapper.com and never loose an auction again. Losing something you have you heart set on can ruin an otherwise entirely lovely day.