Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bygone Eras

Lately, I've been very into vintage shopping, and by "vintage," I mean stuff from the '20s-'50s. I've always liked things from those time periods, but I never really looked into purchasing anything until a couple of weeks ago. Now, some people have a funny view of vintage, likening it to "crap." But really, it is entirely possible to find things that are either in great condition or completely unworn. I love the hats, even the ostentatious ones, but I'd feel slightly self conscious wearing them now. Even though I always get compliments when I wear my slanted fedora from H&M, it seems to be the land of baseball caps and beanies now. Boo. I don't think the clothes that are available for sale would fit me because women were much smaller and more fit, but I did score a couple of absolutely beautiful patterns. And the shoes...oh my. They were amazing back then, but good lord people had small feet! I did, however, find some great shoes here and there on eBay (also a newfound fascination), which I am bidding on. No, I am not telling you which ones. I want to WIN. Dangit.

Oh, me and my profound weakness for great shoes....

Why vintage though? There was something just innately elegant and classy about clothes and dressing back then. People cared about their appearance, and sweats weren't even invented. I don't know about you, but I cannot operate in bum mode for too long. I wore flip flops to work for two days in a row this week along with jeans and corduroys, but by the end of the second day, I was not comfortable. Imagine that. Not comfortable in bummy clothes.

Whereas most people will wax poetic about something ugly (*ahem* Crocs *cough*) that is soooOOooo comfortable, I'd rather feel good in what I'm wearing even if it's not yoga-pant-comfy. Generally, I feel better about how I look when I'm a bit more dressed up, and that doesn't take much more effort than putting on jeans and a t-shirt. Hell, given a big ol' budget and a great body, I'd dress like this all the time.

God bless Spanx, vintage, and style in the meantime.

I've also developed a mesmerising interest in the vast world of fashion blogs. Perhaps that's my true calling -- fashion blogging. However, then the dilemma of "what will I really contribute to the fashionista blogosphere?" ensues, so maybe I'll have a think about that. There are links to some of my current favourite blogs on the right hand side, and I'm sure I'll be adding to them.

Parting thought -- Thomas Jefferson had the concept of fabulosity down way back in the day:

"Some ladies think they may, under the privileges of the deshabille, be loose and negligent of their dress in the morning. But be you, from the moment you rise till you go to bed, as cleanly and properly dressed as at at the hours of dinner or tea."


Anonymous said...

I read fashion blogs all the time too (thats how I got to yours) and I just find them so inspiring. The art of dressing well with perfect grooming really reached its pinnacle in the 1950's and though I don't look like that, I really really want to.

Anonymous said...

One more thing, i've put a link to your blog from mine - I love your blog, its a really interesting read.

Anonymous said...

I just wandered over from The Thoughtful Dresser comment section. Fashion blogs are fun!

Guy Trebay in the NYTimes had article yesterday about the new Brooklyn flea market and its vendors. Cool slideshow, too. A fun vendor was a gal who specializes in Vintage for the big girl. She may have some advice (or clothes!) for you.

I wore vintage almost exclusively in my 20s & 30s, but I seem to have lost the radar needed for finding that one jewel in the sea of junk! I hope I get my mojo back because I'm starting to get in the mood again!

-- desertwind

Robo said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, desertwind! I wish I'd known about the vendor when I was in New York last month. I would've totally trekked to Brooklyn to check out her stuff. Then again, I wasn't so into the vintage at the time. I might just stick to hats and shoes, though. It's frustrating enough trying to find clothes that fit properly in the current era!

Kelly said...

We've never met and I just found your blog, but I am pretty sure that you found some mind-reading device, used it on me, and then scurried back home to write this blog post. That was awfully sneaky.