Sunday, March 1, 2009

S-H-O-P in the UK! Kind of...

In my last post, I promised to show you the stuff I got from Asos, and smart me, I cleared out my temporary internet files, cookies, and history before I could do that. However, lucky for me, Asos keeps your order history in your account, complete with links to what you ordered! So, here we go:

I got this cape/tunic thing in grey with silver beading, and that's what I wore on my birthday (photos in last post). It's very glam earth mother, non?

This clutch, though oversized, is a very useful size. I managed to fit my big wallet, phone, and camera in here along with lipstick and gloss quite comfortably. With most small clutches, even though you don't take that much stuff, it ends up getting messy, and you dig around for your things. The closure is fun, too, and there's a backup zip top underneath the fold.

Okay, so I know a lot of people are all "EEEWWW harem pants!!" But really these are so freaking soft and comfortable, not to mention actually flattering, that I could live in them. Also, the other thing that made me love them is that I ordered an XL to be on the safe side, but they were TOO BIG! Thrilling, I tell you. No giant poopy crotch either.

For the record, though, I cannot get behind the cropped harem pants or dhoti pants (featured in the March issue of Elle). That's just asking for stuff to be out of proportion and look like you've got room to take a dump. Also, close fitting, structured tops look much better with these kinds of pants, but of course you knew that.

Classic white pencil skirt. Really I should live in pencil skirts. However, on me, this sits way higher (like under my boobs higher) because I have much wider hips than the moddle. Perhaps by summer, the skirt will sit where it's supposed to.

Very cool, funky ring. I wore that with the grey cape/tunic. Just enough bling, y'know?

These earrings are fun because they're two of my favourite colours, but if you look closely, it's also a peacock! They're also superlight, so a breeze to wear.

Super cool statement ring that looks like something you'd find at an ancient archaeological dig. I think that's probably why I was drawn to it because I'm the geek who watches stuff on Egypt, Rome, etc. on the History, Discovery, and National Geographic Channels any chance I get. I haven't worn this ring yet though.

Unfortunately, I lost this ring the first night I wore it. It was a little big big, and I had to adjust my hair, so I took it off while in my friend's car. I forgot it was on my lap, stood up and walked into the restaurant, but noticed much later that my ring was gone. I tried calling the place to see if they found it in the lot, but alas, no luck.

I loved the colour of this dress, and usually I don't do strapless dresses because of bra issues. However, at the time I purchased this, the price was too reasonable for me to let it go. It was orignally one of the potential dresses for my birthday, but I didn't have the time to get a really good strapless bra with it, plus it seemed a bit too fancy just for a dinner out. It's living quietly in my closet for now. Oh, also, I think they styled that side strap wrong in the photo. It should really go across the chest, so from under the right boob to the left shoulder.

I also got this dress as a potential birthday dress, but I didn't realise how short it would be. And tight (whoops sizing). I'd have to either lose weight or wear my Spanx to look decent in the dress, but even so, it's the length of the skirt that I'm not too fond of. It stops and mid thigh, and all my other stuff is knee length. I'm debating whether to just detach that skirt and wear it with a regular black pencil skirt.
So what do you think? Good loot, yes? Shipping to the US is also $6-7, which is a lot cheaper than some of the US-based sites. Orders take about a week to 10 days to arrive, which is also reasonable, and they cannot expedite shipping to the US, but whatever.
Please also excuse the wonky layout. I couldn't get the spacing right (help from veteran bloggers will be much appreciated!).

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