Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Guess who's back...back again?

Thank you so much for all your kind compliments on the last haircut :) However, I was a bit horrified to see that that post was from December. I haven't written anything in three months?? Bad, bad Robo.

So, the past three months haven't been very eventful, which is both a good and bad thing. I rang in the New Year uneventfully by keeping my friend Liz in Michigan company as she wrote up a paper to present at a conference. The perk of doing that celebrating the New Year in two different time zones. I also went to Atlanta for the first time in January for work, and it was far from "Hotlanta" -- 20 degrees + windy = BRRRR! The plus side was that we got to stay at the Ritz-Carlton in Buckhead (Bulgari toiletries?? Score!).

February is always a busy month because of a bunch of birthdays and anniversaries. My sister's birthday was on the 9th, my parents' anniversary is on the 10th, and mine is on the 19th. I managed to find some cute stuff to give my sister for her birthday, all from the fabulous UK site Seriously, there are some great deals in their clearance section, even with the pound/dollar exchange rate. There was a cute, sort of bling guitar necklace and an "I <3>

My parents were much harder to get something for, and it was their 30th anniversary to boot. They went to Vegas for the weekend, and in the end, with the help of my friend Amierah, I decided to get them tickets to Mama Mia! when it comes to town. They seemed to enjoy Rent when they saw it in New York, and they love songs from their college days.

And then my birthday rolled around. It was actually a really good one, and I just found it funny how everyone was like "OMG you're one step closer to 30!! Isn't that terrible?!?!" No, it isn't terrible actually, because my 20s were HARD. I say bring on 30. It's the new 20 anyway, isn't it? My parents took me out for lunch and dinner on my birthday and then that Saturday, I went out with the boyfriend and friends to dinner in LA. We went to Katsuya, which has some of the best sushi I've ever, ever had. On top of that, my friend Reshma, who organised the festivities, managed to get us a sectioned off, private dining area. Sadly, she couldn't make it to the party because she became very ill that day, but homegirl did good.

AND I feel compelled to tell you all, especially the ones who loved my last haircut, that I cut my hair again on Saturday. This time I went for the Pob/Katie Holmes first foray into short hair. What's funny/ironic is that Jonathan Antin (of Bravo TV's "Blow Out" fame) happened to be at Katsuya, and I was dying to ask him what he thought of my hair. But he was with a bunch of friends, and that would've just been a country bumpkin thing to do.

A picture (probably the only one where I don't have crazy red eye, but unfortunately, no one got the side or back view):

That top is also from Asos, and it's a cross between a tunic and poncho, but very pretty. They may be sold out of it now though...sorry! I'll show you all the stuff I got from Asos in the next post.
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